Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Austin and Alicia September 3rd 2011

As most Artists I am truly my worst critic...I am going allow you into my mind a second...I am constantly criticizing my work...The PERFECTIONIST that I am is constantly haunting me...This is why I get SOOO happy when I can see the pictures from a wedding so soon,,,As I have taken myself through the ringer until that moment...Really I am that crazy...So given that I met a wonderful photographer this weekend on Saturdays wedding,,,Charleton Churchill...and Yes that is his real name...He was so excited to photograph in our very own Paradise...Yosemite National Park...he is from the other side of the park  and that is why I had yet to meet him...

I had never met Alicia until I walked through the door at the Foresta Home her father had rented. In fact I hardly spoke to her and only exchanged a few emails over the course of a year...Alicia was a very Low maintenance Bride to say the least...When I walked in the entire Male section of the family was there to greet me offering to carry bags throwing out suggestions of where I should be working...A typical Man thing...None the less... They were all very nice and very Italian something I am quite at home with...Now back to Alicia she was as sweet as she is pretty...Just a wonderful women. She is a natural beauty and just wanted a to be natural...Austin,her fiance, was not a fan of make up and stiff hair he wanted her hair down and very little make up that was it...I worked on all the bridesmaids and they were also very nice and just as sweet as Alicia...As the saying goes birds of a feather,,,Well here are the Stunning Photos that Charleton took and I am quite pleased,to say the least... you will need to go to his link


Lee Orlian said...

I love the make up , the hairstyle eveyrthing! Keep it up! COngratulations!

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Lee Orlian

Lee Drillman