Saturday, June 6, 2009

Creative Shoot

Many times as an artist I feel the need to get all my thoughts and ideas out! Well how do I do it? I have found my outlet with my art!!!! A few months back I called a few gracious models ( Ashley, Stephanie, and Melanie) who took the day off from their day job to help create a beautiful canvas for myself and a few photographers I have worked with. Wow did the photographers and models really express my heart. Here are a few shots that I have from the shoot. I will post a few more as I get them! The photographers who shot the following are Carrie from Carrie Lynne Photography and Patrick from Patrick Pike Films. Thank you to all! Oh Yes Just a note I did all hair,make up and styling for the shoot. The shoes were supplied by Melanie the model who has the short wedding dress with a crazy graffiti train behind her! Stay tuned in for more photos from this shoot!

Creative Shoot

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Real Weddings Sacramento to the Sierra!

We won the magazine cover of 'Real Weddings Sacramento to the Sierras (black and white cover is winter2008 Lisa to far right)'. This shoot was fun and very long. Would you believe Lisa our model had very thin pretty short hair. I used all extensions to create all the looks. Lisa was a joy to work with as well as all the people from Sierra Style Publishing Sacramento. Sharpe Photography did fabulous work Thank you All! and Congrats Lisa. Marilyn was my Great Helper/Assistant on makeup and hair and girlfriday. Thanks Mare
All work makeup hair and some ornamentation by Carol Cardinale-Ruiz @ Bellissimo