Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

 Thank you all 2012 Brides and Clients! Peace and Love! Have a prosperous 2013

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Austin and Alicia September 3rd 2011

As most Artists I am truly my worst critic...I am going allow you into my mind a second...I am constantly criticizing my work...The PERFECTIONIST that I am is constantly haunting me...This is why I get SOOO happy when I can see the pictures from a wedding so soon,,,As I have taken myself through the ringer until that moment...Really I am that crazy...So given that I met a wonderful photographer this weekend on Saturdays wedding,,,Charleton Churchill...and Yes that is his real name...He was so excited to photograph in our very own Paradise...Yosemite National Park...he is from the other side of the park  and that is why I had yet to meet him...

I had never met Alicia until I walked through the door at the Foresta Home her father had rented. In fact I hardly spoke to her and only exchanged a few emails over the course of a year...Alicia was a very Low maintenance Bride to say the least...When I walked in the entire Male section of the family was there to greet me offering to carry bags throwing out suggestions of where I should be working...A typical Man thing...None the less... They were all very nice and very Italian something I am quite at home with...Now back to Alicia she was as sweet as she is pretty...Just a wonderful women. She is a natural beauty and just wanted a to be natural...Austin,her fiance, was not a fan of make up and stiff hair he wanted her hair down and very little make up that was it...I worked on all the bridesmaids and they were also very nice and just as sweet as Alicia...As the saying goes birds of a feather,,,Well here are the Stunning Photos that Charleton took and I am quite pleased,to say the least... you will need to go to his link

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sarah and Josh June 11th,2011

I first met with Sarah and Josh on a very busy Saturday sometime in April to do a trial run as Sarah has very thin hair and is quite a Natural Gal...Josh was very patient,  as soon as I was finished, he pulled out his camera and started shooting his soon to be bride...Both Sarah and Josh were very pleased with the outcome. They loved the fact that Sarah's Natural beauty was not over made but enhanced...As Josh admired his bride to be, I  could see their sweet love and knew they would be a joy to work with.

June came fast...I arrived early, to the Presidential Suite, to start the beauty enhancing for Sarah her mother and a few others...Sarah and Josh were definitely excited and just finishing their breakfast...As I was just about complete the process, Patrick Pike arrived to shoot final preparations and whisk the couple off for the 1st look...

Follow the Link below to see the amazing shots Patrick Pike captured.

Zara and Bryan"s Yosemite Wedding In May 2011,Located @ The Ahwahnee Hotel

Zara and Bryan were Married on a rainy May Day the skies were Amazing and Unique in Yosemite...As were Zara and Bryan...
Zara was a very enjoyable Bride and she was so fun to work with...she gave me full creative control as the hair and make up professional... the photos by Johnny Stafford and his wife Cindy speak for themselves...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Annette and Joe June 8 2011

Annette and Joe had a very intimate wedding in Yosemite National Park...They were staying in rented homes in The Yosemite West Developement. This was a very comfortable way to start the day with family and close friends. Amy and I so enjoyed working with Mothers Grandmothers Aunts and sister of the bride ...Patrick Pike captured the pictures...His work was amazing as usual. Here are a few of my favorite shots! Hair and make up By Carol and Amy @

Ben and Lara a 2010 Favorite!

Lara and Ben were married in 2010...I loved the vintage flair and style they went with...The photographers... captured the true meaning of that style...
I so enjoyed doing the hair and make up for Lara and her party...

The flowers were done by Here are a few of my Favorite shots!
This wedding was STUNNING to say the least! For more pictures and the full story visit:

April Shot Gun Bride!

It was a great day in Oakhurst California when Jared and Heather proclaimed there love to one another ...This was a true SHOT GUN wedding...After the wedding the bride and groom used the flowers as a target for shooting! Photos by Tanya and Ryan @
Flowers and Cake by
Hair and Make up by Carol of

Randi's Wedding in April 2011

Randi was a beautiful bride I was so blessed to do her hair and make up on her wedding...Cake and Fowers were by Sweet Dreams
...Location and food Crab Cakes... Photos by Tanya and Ryan from and make up :

March 27th Wedding @ Ahwahnee

Sonja was an amazing and very cute girl her PinUp style looks were a great treat to work with...We were quite on the edge however with the weather in the valley so Amy and I were prepared with butane curling irons as well as adapters in my car so we could heat up our curling irons and hot rollers...So here are the fabulous pictures by Krystal Preciado...
Hair and make up By Carol and Amy @

Some of this Winters Weddings

Well we have had some amazing brides this Winter...Spring and Just the Beginning of our Summer...It is time to update our blog...Life seems to go by So Fast as do the seasons So here it goes...

Lets Start with December 8th 2010 Melissa and Phil...Melissa was a fabulous bride she was very classic and beautiful here are a few pictures that show her beauty Photos by Tanya Lifestyle Photography
Hair and Make up By Carol,Amy and Shelly @