How we Celebrated or Navigated Covid~

2020 has truly been a year that no one will forget. The business of hair, in my 2020, started out with weddings and overseas photoshoots. A year that promised to be spectacular. With weddings In January.Then off to London and Paris, a photoshoot that produced 2 covers and two 6 page spreads, that graced the April and May issues, of Stunning Beauty Magazine. Another wedding upon my return home that was booked while walking towards the Eiffel Tower in her beauty, all lit up, and shiny; a dream that any stylist could hope to be living. 

As I returned home, before the pixie dust and magic had yet to settle, we were faced with quite a different turn of events. Just a few weeks after I walked through one of the most incredible museums on earth, The Louvre, I hadn't yet forgotten my conversation with the amazing Mona Lisa, she, The Louvre, was closed. California closed, our world was brought to our knees, hope and promise  was quickly turned to fear. We were at a threshold and no one could imagine what was in store. 

Days of closure turned into weeks, weeks were turned into months. Brides postponed their weddings again and again. There were few that ventured out, and here are just a few of those stories. These are a  few stories that all though they were rewritten they did not allow a pandemic nor fires to stop their love from blossoming into marriage. How we celebrated covid.

Amber and Matthew


Getting married (and planning that wedding) is one of life’s top most-stressful events…..during non-pandemic “normal” times.  So, throw in a pandemic twist, and it can easily get out of control. When I got engaged in late February 2020, little did we know that any plans we did make for our wedding would come undone and be redone multiple times over. I remember knowing exactly what I wanted when it came to my “vision” and thinking, this is so easy!

Once the COVID started and we saw the impact of what was happening, we knew that it was out of our control - we just had to stay flexible, stay informed, maintain consistent communication with our family and wedding guests, and be patient. We had planned an October wedding and set a deadline for when we might need to consider moving the wedding. If by July things were not better, we would move it to the following year, 2021. 

However, we didn’t want to put our life on hold just because the world was paused. So, we decided to have the best of both worlds - do a small, intimate elopement ceremony with just our few immediate family members in 2020 and save the larger celebration with extended family and friends for later in 2021.

It was the perfect plan because we were able to experience that “just us” feeling this year - we enjoyed the smaller moments of the day, were able to take our time during photos or preparations, and were able to have really special moments with just our families we would not have had otherwise.

I know when we get back to the hustle and bustle of a larger ceremony schedule, reception, and all the details that go with it, we will be grateful to have had both experiences - to be able to have hit the pause button, enjoy our love and all the blessings it has brought, and then to look forward to when we can celebrate being together again! 


It wasn’t our exact plan and it might have caused us to spend more dollars, but making the best of what we were given helped us to really appreciate what we will have back again, in post-pandemic times.

Isn't it those precious moments that we remember the most.


Photographers - @thelightandco

Bridal Hair and Makeup Carol Cardinale

dress - @secondsummerbridesac (essense of australia),

Yosemite National Park/ Yosemite Lodge at the Falls


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