A Two Day Affair :: Kathleen & Max

Many brides spend years dreaming and planning for that one special day.  A recent Yosemite bride, Kathleen, knew first hand just how fast a wedding day could fly by and had a different idea of how to ensure every moment and every arrangement was truly appreciated by herself, her loved ones, and her new husband Max.

How did you meet your husband, Max?

We were actually both living in Chico going to school.  My friend was dating his friend, and the rest is history.

Why a Yosemite ceremony?

Max and I have been living and working in the park for 6 years.  We absolutely love it here, it's amazing!  So many special memories, wonderful backpacking trips, and great friendships.  It meant a lot for us to be able to share it with all of our friends and family.  Plus, we had a few awesome spots that we really wanted professional photos taken.

You chose to have your reception the day after.  What made you decide to separate the two?

We also have both been working Weddings at the Wawona Hotel for 3 years.  Over that time I learned so much about what is actually important.  The Bride and Groom are always rushed right off to pictures after the Ceremony.  Usually by the time they get to the Reception, they are then rushed through dinner, first dance, bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc.  More often than not, by the time they start having fun, it's over.  We wanted to make sure it was a 3 day extravaganza!  So we had the Ceremony one day, then had a nice little cocktail party, and chilled out.  The next day we slept forever, then got ready for the Reception, and partied till 2am.  Then the third day we jumped in the river in full attire.  Got to wear that dress 3 days in a row!

How did you select your vendors?

My photographers, Allison Lal and Channa Vance, were my dad and stepmothers photographers a few years ago.  They are amazing, drove all the way from Sacramento, just to shoot the park.  We ordered all kinds of appetizers, and a ton of them (guests hardly care for a sit down meal), from Classic Catering 625 in Clovis, CA.  They were on the vendor list for Sierra Meadows Country Club (Reception location), and were great as well.  We didn't have a cake, too expensive, never tastes that great.  So we just had a bunch of awesome little deserts.  I did all my own decorating, and no flowers (huge waste of money). And since the Ceremony was at Glacier Point in Yosemite, that was all the decor I needed.

How did you discover Bellissimo Brides?

As for my hair, I found Carol online, and her portfolio was amazing.  After my trial, I knew she was perfect!

Where did you find inspiration for your hair styling choices?

I wanted something that was fun, interesting, and uniquely me.  I found a few pictures, but Carol and I realized I needed something different.  We went for a more loose pinup style, because she noticed my dress had that feel as well.  I also had her weave greenery though it to match my earrings and the guys green ties.  Both styles were amazing, and I received so many compliments.

What was your favorite wedding moment?

At the end of both our vows we said "And I promise that if you are bitten, I will aim for the head".  Got a great reaction from that one :)

What was the best piece of advice you received?

Ever since I was little my Mom always said "The two most important things at a Wedding, are the music and a full bar".  I took that to heart, and more than one person told us that was the best Wedding they have ever been to.

What was the one piece of advice you wished you had followed?

My Mom also said that a band really helped get people dancing and were always fun.  I kind of wish we were able to find a good band, one that suited our style and budget.  But I still made a pretty rockn' playlist!

Wishing many years of happiness and laughter to you Kathleen & Max!

Photography :: Allison Lal


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