Sarah and Josh June 11th,2011

I first met with Sarah and Josh on a very busy Saturday sometime in April to do a trial run as Sarah has very thin hair and is quite a Natural Gal...Josh was very patient,  as soon as I was finished, he pulled out his camera and started shooting his soon to be bride...Both Sarah and Josh were very pleased with the outcome. They loved the fact that Sarah's Natural beauty was not over made but enhanced...As Josh admired his bride to be, I  could see their sweet love and knew they would be a joy to work with.

June came fast...I arrived early, to the Presidential Suite, to start the beauty enhancing for Sarah her mother and a few others...Sarah and Josh were definitely excited and just finishing their breakfast...As I was just about complete the process, Patrick Pike arrived to shoot final preparations and whisk the couple off for the 1st look...

Follow the Link below to see the amazing shots Patrick Pike captured.


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